Environmental System Consultants was established in the Year 1998 along with its Ensyscon Environmental Laboratory to serve in environmental impact assessment, environmental consulting and laboratory service fields in the Country. Ensyscon Environmental Laboratory has been certified by the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board for having Competency and Infrastructure for carrying out the environmental monitoring works.

The MD/Chief Executive was Central Pollution Control Board recognized Govt. Analyst while serving a Central Public Sector Undertaking during 1988-1998.

The Registered Firm M/s.Environmental System Consultants had incorporated as a Private Limited Company in April 2010 in the Name and Style of “M/s. Environmental System Consultants & Ambiente Lab Solutions Private Limited” (shortly Ensyscon).

The Company has been certified for ISO:9001 in Nov. 2011.
  • Environmental Clearance from MoEF&CC and SEIAAs.
  • CRZ Clearances.
  • Consents from State Pollution Control Boards.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Study & Report.
  • Monitoring & Analysis of Environmental Components.
  • Post Project Monitoring Works.

Ensyscon, Chennai is one of the reputed EIA Consultants in India carrying out the Environmental Works for both Public and Private Industries. Ensyscon has completed about 120 EIA Projects under EIA Notification 2006 in various Sectors through out the Country. Ensyscon has also completed about 70 Projects under CRZ Notification 1991/2011.

Ensyscon has employed highly qualified EIA Coordinators (ECs), Functional Area Experts (FAEs) and Functional Area Associates (FAAs) and Team Members who are competent to carry out the EIA Studies.

Ensyscon has carried out World Bank sponsored environmental projects in Bangladesh and a number of CRZ Clearance Projects for the Construction of Hotels, Beach Resorts, etc. in CRZ Areas throughout the Country.

Ensyscon has completed about 50 EIA works for the Andaman Lakshadweep Harbour Works (ALHW), Ministry of Shipping, Govt. of India since 2000.


Ensyscon aims to set a new path in the EIA field and to be an Environmental Consultancy Firm of choice. Major thrust is given towards rendering quality EIA, specialised, reliable and accurate Consultancy & Laboratory services.


Ensyscon, as an Organization to tackle all environmental challenges, helps the Industries to measure, remediate and reduce pollution by implementing effective environmental measures in compliance with Statutory and Regulatory requirements.